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Our Challenge

Give Macy's a clear sense of purpose by conducting research, developing a strategy and deploying creative work that will increase the appeal of the brand.

Our Insight

Macy's exemplifies today's consumerist malls that are often crowded, confusing and busy. Traditional markets, however, represent community, culture and leisure.

Our Strategy

We're going to make Macy's less like a mall and more like a market by shifting it from an in-and-out experience to a sit-and-stay experience.







Our Rationale


Our brand experience leverages the current consumer trend of marketplace shopping. Studies show that consumers who shop slower and spend more time in the store are more likely to spend more money.


The Team: Caitlin Blumer, Raiven Delisle, Jeff Dunn, Margaret Karles, Connor Miranda, Matthew Neylon, Ken Tsuchiya

My Role: Apart from my general responsibility of helping the team develop and present our idea, my specific responsibility was to conduct a merchandise audit as part of our plan to simplify the Macy's in-store experience. I also analyzed Macy's 2015 Annual Report to help the team understand Macy's current situation regarding financial performance, key growth strategies and competition.