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Our Challenge

Accelerate "JIFFY" Mix sales with a brand refresh while simultaneously respecting the brand's history and tradition.

Our Insight

For working class moms, baking is a special family event. "JIFFY" Mix recipes are often passed down as a family tradition.

Our Strategy

Let's get families to eat more "JIFFY" Mix products by emphasizing the familiar joy of simple yet wholesome American cooking.

Original Packaging

Original Packaging

New Packaging

New Packaging




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Our recommendation for a product line extension:

Our Rationale


When Mabel White Holmes created the first "JIFFY" Mix in 1930, a family tradition was born. "JIFFY" stands for tradition, not change. By respecting the humble beginnings of the brand, we will revitalize America’s passion for creative yet inexpensive cooking. Let's make Mabel proud.


The Team: Gianna D’Amico, Grace Higginbotham, Jasmine McCrae, Connor Miranda, Matt Neylon, Ekta Shah

My Role: Apart from my general responsibility of helping the team develop and present our idea, my specific responsibility was to help my team understand the client's business situation. I wrote a brand brief that outlined the company's history and culture, especially how being family-owned helps the company define its values. I also analyzed the company's retail business by looking at key selling points, market share, pricing, the competitive landscape and current category trends.