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Our Challenge

Perform a deep analysis of Netflix's business model, opportunities and challenges and then identify a road to future success based on the innovative application of cultural insight.

Our Insight

NETFLIX users often feel like they're missing out on content so they'll turn to other users for recommendations. Netflix doesn’t hear most of these conversations because they happen outside of the platform.

Our Strategy

We propose that Netflix enhance its customer experience by Introducing the Netflix Social Network, a way to make personal streaming more engaging and shareable.


See what your friends are watching and what's trending in your area.




Enjoy content with commentary from friends and other viewers.


Our Rationale


The Netflix Social Network provides an incentive for people to have their own account, increasing revenue for the company. It also dials into data-rich conversations that will help the company produce content, improve the customer experience and differentiate from competitors.


The Team: Mishaal Abbasi, Bryn Bissey, Stuart Good, Connor Miranda, Emy Theodorakis, Jerry Valencia

My Role: Apart from my general responsibility of helping the team develop and present our idea, my specific responsibility was to help my team understand Netflix's current business situation. I analyzed the company’s financial performance using key metrics such as profit margin, debt ratio and revenue from each of Netflix's core business segments. I also conducted a SWOT Analysis as well as a stock assessment that discussed high return potential despite the risk of volatile earnings.